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Caldwell County
1876 Atlas History
1876 Atlas People
1897 Atlas People
WPA Interviews

Chronological Events





This Historical Data  was complied by Major Molly Chapter, DAR, 1933 to 1934. It was retyped and indexed by Karen Walker of Hamilton and Marilyn Williams of Kingston, Missouri.

First Days of Kidder
Ream Family
Near Centenarian
Thayer College
Kidder Institute
Barwick Chapel and the Plumbs
McKee Family, Lovely Ridge
Interview, Mrs. Helen L. Booth
To Lovely Ridge in Covered Wagon
Farming in Lovely Ridge
The Martians at Lovely Ridge
Cawford Mirable Mill
The Lovely Ridge School
The Streeters
Hamilton Schools
Ford Family
Streeter Family
Dodge Family
Samuel Hill, Pioneer
Hamilton's First Building
Town Company
Business Men Before 1840
Post Office
Merchant James Kemper
Daughgter of Pioneer
1860 and Later
Taylor Allee, 1865
Harrah Family
Business Men in 70's
Ogden Family
Rohrbough Family
The Spratts
McBrayer Livery Barn
Frederick Graer, Blacksmith
Pickells and Jordan Families
Gee Family
A. G. Howard
Old or Rohrbough Cemetery
Baptist Church
William H. Gwynn, Blacksmith
Hamilton in the Middle and Late 60's
Prough Family
William Wagenseller
Early Butcher Shop
George Lamson, Agent
Reed Family
Strather Mitchell
Judge Holliday
Newspaper History
Professor Ferguson
Dan Booth - Hamilton Banker
Cowgills History
Uncle Charley Dunn - Ex-slave
Weaver and Bowen Families
Mrs. Elizabeth Brown
Harpister Family
Dawson, Family
Gurley Family
Murrell Family
Watson Family
German Family in Caldwell County
Christian Schneiter, Swiss settler
Grand River Country
Estabrook Family
Halstead Family
Dr. James Earl
Goins Family
Terrill Family
Scanlon Family
Trosper Family
McCubbin Family
Old Mirabile Tavern
Plumb Creek District, Smith Family
Kempers, Pioneers
Mirabile and Kingston
Capt. Edward D. Johnson
Mirable, John Orr Family
Morris Family
Harpolds Family
Kingston, Crawford Family
Salem, Richey Mill
Kingston Township, Elder R. C. Hill
McClelland and Kin
Kingston Township, Billy Jones
Old Salem Town, McClelland Family
Early Kingston Carpenter
Poor Farm
Kingston, Clarkson Family
Farm Life
Wonsettler Family near Kingston
Caldwell County Seat
Kern Family, Kingston
New York Township
Houghton Family
Cox Family
Kautz Family
Pioneer Preacher
Edwards Family
New York in the 60's
Filson Family
Puckett Family
Fairview Township
Waldo Family
Proctor Family
Chapman Family
Cheshire Family
Davis Township
Farm Life
Before Civil War
Early Days at Black Oak
Rogers and McDonald
"Death" of E. G. Wallace
Killing of Weldon
Killing of Myers
Hanging of Jimmy Silkwood
Bristow - Casey Fight
Killing of a Southern Sympathizer
He Voted for Lincoln
"Hanging" of George Rogers
Mormon Temple
Living by Haun's Mill
Mormon Sites
Mormon Members
Rag Carpets
Before Automobiles
Old Wells and Springs
1874 Drought
Early Schools
He Voted for Lincoln (2)
Public Hanging
Ex-slave Speaks
Before Bank Checks
Burial Custom in 70's
Livingston County
Maddux Family
Jacksons of Ray County, Missouri
Caldwell-Daviess Counties
By Covered Wagon to Daviess county, Missouri
McClellands to Daviess County, Missouri
Manns in Daviess county, Missouri
Indian Reservations
Homesteading in Kansas
Kentucy in 70's
Iowa McQueens
Irish in Iowa-Oklahoma
Ozark Cabins in the 60's
Ozark Wash Day
Wilsons of Miller County, Missouri
Grundy County, Missouri, Clave Family


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