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Narrator: J.M. Proctor, 74, of Braymer, Missouri

Daniel Proctor the founder of the village of Proctorville was a pioneer farmer, merchant, doctor, legislator and preacher and did all well.

Coming to this section in 1856 from Illinois with his family and settling among strangers, the next day he attended a house raising and announced preaching for the next Sunday. Upon coming to the log house nearby appointed for the service the next Sunday, he called for a Bible and was given a large Biography a scoffer. He took his text and preached as if he had a Bible. This was the first religious service held thereabouts and was followed by service every Sunday. Black Oak, Shoal Creek (now Proctorville) and Ludlow were his appointments.

In 1860 Dr. Proctor (as he was usually called) was ordained Elder by Bishop Ames. The war came on and most of the preachers left. He kept up his appointments. At Black Oak, one Sunday they had fear of trouble. When Dr. Proctor arrived at the church the members were there with their guns. He took out his pistol and laid it beside his Bible and preached. The enemies came but were careful to keep a mile away. All around this circuit as the war went on, more Ministers were afraid and left and some were killed. Dr. Proctor stayed right on for he was a fearless person, helping to build churches, planning church work, caring for the sick for all of which he received very little compensation. His first purchase of land was 320 acres on which he erected a store, postoffice and saw mill which he operated during the winter months. His holdings increased until he owned 200 acres much of which had cost him 50 cents per acre. A part of this land is still owned by his son J.M. Proctor now 74 years of age. He is a retired farmer living in Braymer, Missouri and it is a fact of which he is very proud that this land has always been in name of Proctor since it was bought from the Government and never had a mortgage on it. Daniel Proctor gave each of his thirteen children a farm and kept for himself a comfortable competence. He was a member of the 23rd General Assembly also 39th General Assembly.

As a man he was held in high esteem. One of the laws introduced by him and passed was the one compelling the Hannibal & St. Joseph railroad to pay for stock killed by the trains, which forced that corporation to fence in their right of ways. Up to that time, there was no fence and with stock ranging over the prairies, there were many cattle killed by the trains.

Interviewed June 1934.


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