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Narrator: S.R. Guffey of New York Township

George Rogers was in business in Gallatin during the Civil War. Some brought the accusation that he was buying horses from the Home Guards and selling them back to the United States Government. A company of Militia was sent to Gallatin to arrest him and bring him back to Hamilton for trial, because Gallatin sentiment was in his favor.

After they got about three miles from Hamilton close to the place he afterwards owned, they saw a cloud of dust up Gallatin way. Fearing lest Rogers be taken from them, they decided to hang him right there on the spot. Accordingly they strung him up on a cotton wood tree on the east side of the road (this tree stood until about eight years ago) and then rode toward Hamilton.

The cloud of dust developed into a detachment of State Cavalry sent from Gallatin to be assured that Rogers got safely to Hamilton, knowing the disposition of his captors.

The cavalry to which Mr. S.R. Guffey belonged cut him down and brought him alive to Hamilton where they confined him in a box car used as a guard house. Mr. Guffey said that Mr. Rogers was told the name of his accuser who afterwards was put in the car with him. It was necessary to carry out the accuser in about fifteen minutes. The trial next day freed Rogers of the charge.

Mr. Rogers never told this story to his children; but when asked by the interviewer, he admitted it was true.

The story was verified by the victim, by one of the band who hanged him and by one of the men who cut him down.


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