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Narrator: Mrs. James Kautz, Hamilton, Missouri

Mrs. Kautz is the daughter of Nathan Clarkson and Frances Nevada Dodge 1853 to 1920. Mrs. Clarkson the daughter of Silas Dodge and Mary Ann Hull was born 3 miles south of Hamilton where her father settled in 1846 and the farm remained in the Dodge family for more than 70 years. He cut the walnut shingles for the first [house] that was built in Hamilton. Silas Dodge was the son of Dwight Dodge and Susan Monroe, also pioneers. Dwight Dodge came into the country in 1844 and settled near Mirabile. He was not only a farmer but a Christian Minister. Thus the Dodge family was among the very early settlers in the county and the community school for many years was called the Dodge School. The Silas Dodge home is mentioned by old timers as a landmark between Hamilton and Kingston.

On her mothers side Mrs. Clarkson was descended from the Alvord families which made her related to Mrs. George Walters, a very early settler. The Walters family came to the Mirabile Kingston neighborhood in 1836 and are buried in the old section of the Kingston Graveyard.

As a girl, Mrs. Clarkson attended the District School on her fathers farm and enjoyed the few social opportunities of those early times: district school literary societies and dances. Fourth of July was a day always to be observed in the big wagon, one spring seat, the rest chairs. She said they always had a wagon full by the time they left Kingston. But there always had to be room in the wagon for the wonderful picnic dinner which was a part of the Fourth.

Like most young people of her time, she went places horseback. One day she and her brother, Dwight, were going through Kingston when her horse being scared acted up and broke the saddle girth, letting her fall to the ground in sight of the whole town, much to her embarrassment but to her brothers amusement.

She married Nathan Clarkson Feb. 20, 1874 and had four children three now living - Mary C. Kautz, C.D. of Kansas City, and Egbert of Nettleton, Missouri.

The companion of her youth died in 1906 and in 1911 she married Jackson Edminster.

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