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Narrators: Mrs. H.D. Eldredge and Mrs. Sarah Haggerty of Hamilton


Charles Dunn, colored, Uncle Charley as he was known in Hamilton for many years, was brought from Virginia with a lot of other slaves when a boy of three or five years away from his own kin and came to Ray County, Missouri. He was bought by a family by the name of Thompson. As he grew old enough, his duties was to care for and act as playmate for the Thompson children. In later years, he did other work until he reached manhood. His master not needing his work, allowed him to work for others and he had his wages to do with as he pleased. Saving his wages, he in time was able to buy the freedom of his slave wife, Aunt Harriett Dunn, as she was known to Hamilton people. After his freedom, he came to Caldwell County, and lived on a farm in the Duston District; later they moved to Hamilton where they lived a useful upright life. Uncle Charley, dying in Hamilton at the age (as he said) of over ninety years.

Joe Thompson of Breckenridge was his master's son and used to invite Uncle Charley up every year. Thompson, the Kansas City photographer, was some kin to his master and used to come and see Uncle Charley bringing money and other gifts to the old family servitor.

Uncle Charley lived in a house east of the Tuttle-Eldredge home, which is now used for a storehouse.

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