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History of Caldwell County, Missouri
As written in the 1876 Atlas of Caldwell County Missouri

Thrailkill's Raid

The most exciting event of the war was Thrailkill's raid, which occurred in July 1864. A party of marauders, under the command of Major Thrailkill, of the Rebel Army, crossed the line of Ray County into Lincoln Township, and at the house of Daniel Michael's, surprised and captured Captain Fortune's company of Home Guards, which had assembled there to devise means for self-protection. Among those captured were Judge S.D. Davis, through whose influence Thrailkill was induced to parole the prisoners. On the road to Michael's the rebels caught Joseph Kain and John Philips, and shot them in cold blood, for no other offence than being Union men. They also captured David Toomey, whom they shot in the back of the head and left for dead. James Moad and Joshua Orem Were pursued and had fired upon but escaped unhurt.

From Michael's, Thrailkill went to Tinney's Grove, thence to Mandeville, then turned westward. As he approached Kingston, the militia under Lieut. Jac Snyder, finding themselves largely outnumbered, retreated to Hamilton, thus leaving the way open for him to enter the town without opposition. The rebels broke open the vaults and safe in the court house, and as a reward for their labor got about $8,000, belonging principally to the school funds. They destroyed all papers pertaining to the enrolment of the militia, but left the other records unharmed. Some of the more reckless desired to burn the court-house, but were deterred by Thrailkill's orders. They broke open and rifled the store of Northup & Lewis, taking such goods as they desired.

From Kingston the raiders went to Mirable, captured that village and gutted its stores. From a safe in the store of Doctor W.H. Crawford, they obtained a considerable sum of money, which they appropriated to their own use. The next day they went to Plattsburg. Most of our citizens, fit for military duty, joined the command of Major Cox, which was in pursuit of Thrailkill, and participated in the fight at Union Mills.

During the raid many citizens were captured by the raiders, and were in extreme peril of losing their lives. J.M. Hoskinson, Hugh Chain, John C. Lillard, John D. Cox and Aaron Post were taken, and it was only by the most earnest in treaties of their friends that their lives were spared. The object of the raid was to obtain plunder and recruits, and punish the people of our County for the decided stand they had taken against the rebellion. Many horses and other property were taken, but the greatest loss was that of our school fund.

Crosby Johnson, An Illustrated Historical Atlas of Caldwell County, Missouri.   1876.  Edwards Brothers

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